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Our goal is to be the #1 supplier of automotive products in BC Lower Mainland. We strive to rank amongst the best leading international suppliers for automotive accessories and lights because of our outstanding high quality products and perfect service.


HID Outlet - We are now the official dealer of NOKYA Halogen bulbs!!!


HID Kits

We carry high intensity discharge systems for all cars, motorcycles, and ATV\'s/custom applications. Improve safety, increase visibility, provides longevity compared to standard halogen bulbs.



We carry ballasts made by Bluegem, J\'s, ADL, Canbus, Optix, and of course the best quality ballasts from Philips!


HID Bulbs

We are the official distributor for NOKYA halogen bulbs and we also carry aftermarket and OEM Replacement brands HID bulbs such as Super Vision, CN Light, GE, Optix, and Philips.



We carry relays, adapters, connectors, and hi/low beam relays for almost any application! Click to learn more.

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